Ellen Wilkinson

From Red Suffragist to Government Minister

Paula Bartley

“Ellen Wilkinson introduces to new audiences a pioneering Labour woman. This very readable account brings to life an extraordinarily energetic and often contentious advocate of a wide range of radical causes. A feminist, communist and anti-imperialist before she became an MP, the book explores whether radical commitments can be sustained inside parliament and how a socialist woman responded to the effects of economic crisis on the communities she represented. Paula Bartley makes a passionate case for the relevance of ‘Red Ellen’ to the twenty-first century.” – Karen Hunt, Professor of Modern British History, Keele University

“Paula Bartley shines a dazzling light on the ilife of ‘Red’ Ellen Wilkinson, a pioneering feminist and socialist Member of Parliament.” – Diane Atkinson, author of ‘The Criminal Conversation of Mrs Norton’

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Hugo Chávez

Socialist for the 21st Century

Mike Gonzalez

Dramatic and intimate biography traces Chavez’s life from an impoverished rural family to the Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas.

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Sylvia Pankhurst

Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire

Katherine Connelly

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Salvador Allende

A Revolutionary Legacy

Victor Figueroa Clark

A political biography of one of the 20th century’s most emblematic political figures.

“This is a much-needed account of Allende’s life, showing the consistency of his political project and arguing persuasively that he was always at heart a revolutionary. Figueroa Clark’s study shows the relevance of the Chilean experience to current developments in several Latin American nations which have proclaimed ’21st Century Socialism’ as their goal.” – Diana Raby, Senior Fellow, University of Liverpool

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Leila Khaled

Icon of Palestinian Liberation

Sarah Irving

Compelling biography of a legendary Palestinian resistance fighter. From refugee camp to international infamy.

“Sarah Irving provides a fine portrayal of a compelling and mysterious figure from a tumultuous period in Palestinian history, mixing biography and historical critique to deliver a valuable insight into Leila Khaled’s character as well as her extraordinary appeal as a revolutionary icon.” – Nicholas Blincoe, Novelist and co-editor of Peace Under Fire: Israel/Palestine and the International Solidarity Movement

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Jean Paul Marat

Tribune of the French Revolution

Clifford D. Conner

Accessible introduction to the most ‘dangerous’ and subversive figure of the French revolution and a popular, radical journalist.

“Cliff Conner’s biography is a fresh, welcome look at one of the most complex and fascinating figures of the French Revolution. Marat’s tumultuous career has many echoes for our own time, among them raising the question: are human rights merely legal and political, or are they economic as well?” – Adam Hochschild, author of King Leopold’s Ghost (1999) and Bury the Chains (2006)

“Cliff Conner’s retelling of Marat’s life first clears away the cobwebs and prejudices and then reveals why we should love and admire this egalitarian revolutionary. Marat was the “Friend of the People” in the 1790s, and still has a message for us today about social, political, and economic equality. ¡Vive Marat!” – Lynne Stewart

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Gerrard Winstanley

The Digger’s Life and Legacy

John Gurney

Life and ideas of the great British radical who founded rural communes during the English Civil War.

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